Penny Lane POS is simply the best high-performance, feature-rich, affordable retail point of sale software on the market today. Penny Lane Shop Floor (front end) and Penny Lane Manager (back office) combine to provide retailers from small independents to medium sized national chains with unparalleled flexibility. Penny Lane POS combines the reliability and cash register like efficiency of its predecessor, Symposium, with the ease and versatility of Windows to provide retailers with a comprehensive yet easy to use, easy to administer system.

Penny Lane Manager provides all the tools necessary to control cash and inventory levels, manage PLUs and promotions, and monitor sales. Our advanced user-definable reporting capabilities allow for thousands of reports tailor-made to each retailer's specific needs. The offline handling feature guarantees zero down time for POS terminals. Real-time inventory control ensures that stock levels are always up-to-date. Penny Lane Manager offers easy 2-way integration with any Head Office package through standard, defined ASCII text file formats.

Inventory (PLU) File Features
  • 16 Character Alphanumeric Product Code
  • UPC Code
  • 30 Character Description
  • Tax Code
  • Multiple Classification Methods
    (Dept./ Sub-Dept./Category/Style/Family)
  • Vendor Code /Vendor Product Code
  • Eligibility Flags
    (Loyalty Program/Discountable)
  • Frequent Shopper Handling
  • Kit Handling
  • Serial Number Handling
  • Chain Wide On Hand Quantity
  • Price / Last Cost / Average Cost
  • Pricing Types
    (Normal/Split/Mix & Match/Scale/Tiered)
  • 10 Alternate Price Levels
    (Frequent Shoppers / Wholesale Pricing )
  • Re-Order Level & Suggested Quantity
  • Case Flag/Quantity/Cost
End of Day Procedures
  • Balancing By Cashier / Terminal / Store
  • Blind Balancing
  • Short / Over Control
  • Float Control
  • Store Closing
    • Scheduling Of All Procedures
    • Processing Sales from Terminals
    • Creating "Poll" File for Head Office
    • Processing Head Office Updates
Inventory Control
  • Purchase Orders
  • Stock Receipts
  • Stock Transfers
  • Physical Counts
  • Shelf Label / Price Tag Printing
  • Online & Customer Sales Reports
  • Clerk Sales & Performance Reports
  • Fast/Slow Movers Report
  • Product Re-Order Report
  • Sales Summary Report
  • Transaction Summary Report
  • Hourly Sales Summary Report
  • Daily/Hourly Sales Analysis Report
  • Monthly/Daily Sales Analysis Report
  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Daily/Hourly Statistical Analysis Report
  • Monthly/Daily Statistical Analysis Report
  • Serial Number Reports
  • In-Field Buying Report
  • PLU Master Report
  • Inventory Valuation/Movement Reports
  • A/R Aging Report
  • Physical Count Discrepancy Report
  • Air Miles Reports
  • Attendance Report
Customer Handling
  • Frequent Shopper / Wholesale Discount Level Assigned by Customer
  • Automatic Cost+% or Price-% Pricing by Customer
  • Customer Loyalty Program Support
  • Optional Customer Profiling / Product Purchase Tracking
  • Customer Categories
  • Customer Label Printing by Various Criteria
  • Optional Credit Limits by Customer
  • Cheque Authorization by Customer
  • On Account Transactions
  • Accounts Receivable Subsystem