Penny Lane POS is simply the best high-performance, feature-rich, affordable retail point of sale software on the market today. Penny Lane Shop Floor (front end) and Penny Lane Manager (back office) combine to provide retailers from small independents to medium sized national chains with unparalleled flexibility. Penny Lane POS combines the reliability and cash register like efficiency of its predecessor, Symposium, with the ease and versatility of Windows to provide retailers with a comprehensive yet easy to use, easy to administer system.

Penny Lane Shop Floor is the cashier's tool for processing all sales, voids, returns, and exchanges. The system is completely scalable and has been designed to operate much like a traditional cash register making it extremely easy to learn and use for PC users from the novice to the expert. Being keyboard and scanner driven ensures that Penny Lane Shop Floor is second to none in customer throughput. Interfaces to industry standard peripheral devices, on screen item and customer lookups, on screen terminal, clerk, and cashier reports, customer data collection, and custom data capture routines is just a sampling of the advanced functionality the system offers.

  • Assignable Security Level by Clerk, Key Function
  • Power Failure Transaction Recovery
  • Optional or Mandatory Clerk Login
  • Financial Accountability by Cashier
  • Exception Tracking by Clerk
  • Training Mode
  • Non-resettable Grand Totals
Transaction Types
  • Sale
  • Void
  • Return
  • Exchange
  • Buyback
  • Layaway
  • Special Order
  • Gift Certificate
  • Received on Account
  • Paid Out
  • Float In/Float Out
  • Clerk Time In/Time Out
  • No Sale
Item Entry
  • Type In Product Code
  • @ / For Key
  • Product Code/Description/Embedded Search Keys
  • Scan Barcode
  • Up to 200 Preset PLU Keys
  • Up to 100 Open Department Keys
  • Repeats
  • Alert PLU Not On File
  • Scale Interface
  • Shift Scanning ( Up To 9 Levels )
  • 3 Lockable Keyboard Shift Levels ( with Default )
  • Price Level Keys
  • Void Line
Customer Handling
  • Enter Customer Data Key
  • Customer Code/Name/Embedded Search Keys
  • Customer Purchase History on Screen
  • Customer Name/Address on Screen
  • Credit Limit/Balance/Status on Screen
  • Loyalty Program Status on Screen
  • Mandatory Customer Entry Option
  • Integrated, seamless Credit/Debit Authorization
  • Up to 12 User-Defined Tender Types
  • Optional Tender Type Menu On Single Key
  • Quick Cash Tender Keys
  • Split Tendering
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Force Tender Option by Tender Type
  • Suppress Overtender Option by Tender Type
  • Refund Blocking Option by Tender Type
  • Food Stamps
  • Custom Formatting
  • Receipt and/or Invoice Format
  • Buffered or Continuous Receipt Printing
  • Extra Copies by Tender Type
  • Remote Receipt Copy Option
  • Gift/Reprint Receipt
  • Receipt On/Off Toggle
  • Slip Validation Printing
  • Open Line Discount ( % or $ Off )
  • Open Subtotal Discount ( % or $ Off )
  • Up To 5 Definable Preset Discount Keys
  • Up To 5 Definable Open Discount Keys
  • Automatic Discounts by Customer
  • Store & Vendor Coupons
  • Price Override
Flash Reporting
  • Terminal Summary Report ( Screen & Printer )
  • Clerk Report ( Screen & Printer )
  • Cashier Report ( Screen & Printer )
Tax Handling
  • 10 Tax Codes by Dept. or by Item
  • Tax Shifting Keys
  • Customer Tax Exemptions
  • Manual Tax
  • Optional Tax-included Pricing
Additional Features
  • Transaction Cancel/Suspend/Resume
  • Same Day Transaction Review ( with Reprint )
  • Gift Certificate Handling
  • Store Credit Handling
  • Layaway & Special Order Handling
  • Negative Check Handling
  • Programmable Key Data Entry
  • Network Offline Handling
  • Inventory Locator